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How It Works

Be open to a whole new market of B2B Barter customers who wouldn’t normally deal with you. You’ll find customers from other regions and cities will contact you for your goods and services.

Spend B2B Barter dollars you earn, as well as your interest free line of credit, on products and services. Offset some of your usual cash spending with B2B Barter.

You will find that B2B Barter members develop relationships with you, as suppliers, and also as purchasers of your products and services. We also encourage networking events and opportunities within the membership.

Distressed or excess stock may be sold at the normal selling price through B2B Barter, without the need to discount these items. Instead of becoming distressed stock, it’s made available to the membership and will probably be in demand.
Fuel your lifestyle improvements through B2B Barter. You’ll enjoy the Restaurants, Cafés, Accommodation, Tours, Trainings and Entertainment which are all represented in our membership.
If you’re looking for some leverage to acquire new cash contracts, perhaps the idea of accepting the new client’s goods and services, for part of the contract will be an inventive to pick you, over the others bidding for that work.

With bad debts, the ability to accept the debtors’ products as part payment, may be a way to negotiate a settlement out of court. You can then sell this inventory through B2B Barter and enjoy funds that are otherwise lost to a bad debtor.

In tough economic times, you may offer creditors goods or services in lieu of cash payment. It’s sometimes a way to satisfy a creditor without them having to wait too long, or pursue legal remedy.
Buy property with a component of trade dollars, making it easier to find the deposit. Amass a portfolio this way and you will grow your net worth.