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Why B2B Barter?

Save Fees with B2B Barter

With B2B Barter you’ll pay the lowest fees in the industry. Flexicard members pay 5.5% on purchases and 0% on sales. Gold card members pay just 5.0% on purchases and 0% on sales. Monthly admin fees have also been kept to a minimum with Flexicard members paying $16.50/month and Gold card members paying just $11/month.

Enjoy lower-fees with B2B Barter

Sick and tired of excessive fees with other trade exchanges?

Compared to other trade exchanges, our fees are just one third of theirs. See the comparison chart above. Join B2B Barter today to save on fees and make barter trade a viable part of your business plan. Click here to get started with B2B Barter and save fees.