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New Customers

How B2B Barter will get you more customers

Boost Your Enquiries

We expose your business to a whole new market of B2B Barter customers who wouldn’t normally deal with you. Suddenly you’ll have enquiry from different regions, and enjoy more leads.

Once we’ve created your ideal prospect profile, we’ll go to work and acrtively seek out those prospects, wherever they may be. We’ll direct market prospects for your business niche get you valuable new business.

Improve Your Conversion

Instead of 1 in 3 quotes being successful, barter members do better, as the incentive of trade dollars in the deal makes your’s the number one option in buyers’ minds.

It’s like stacking the cards so you have a full house. Offer trade in the deal and you will be the number one option. Learn more about conversion secrets from

Improve Your Profitability

Here’s the maths: More Enquiry + Better Conversions = Better Bottom Line Profits

(in anyone’s language)

Do yourself a favour and join B2B Barter today to grow your business. 

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