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Trade Dollar Calculator

What does it cost you to earn a trade dollar?

Just as the Australian Dollar is worth just 73US cents (May 2016), a trade dollar may cost you less than the face value of an Australian Dollar, to earn in your business.

Several factors are at play:

  1. The cost of goods if you are selling goods
  2. The cost of labour if you are selling services
  3. Idle time or space capacity that would otherwise go to waste (as in a restaurant with empty tables). Given that you have all of your overheads and business costs covered already, the incremental work to deliver services, that might otherwise be wasted, equates to less than the main business transactions that sustain you.

Many of our clients report 50% or 60% as the cost to them of attracting a trade dollar. We’ve had situations where a client was importing from China and the real cost to him was only 20 cents in the dollar. To learn more about this we suggest you call B2B Barter for chat about a suitable trading plan for you.