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Frequently Asked Questions

Compelling reasons to join B2B Barter over other trade exchanges.

The business model for B2B Barter comprises two decades of industry analysis and development within the Australian barter industry, incorporating improvements and ideas gleaned from Australia’s most successful barter trade exchanges.

B2B Barter’s advantages as a better trading platform include:

1. Industry’s lowest fee structure with one way charges of 5.0% to 5.5%,

2. Low monthly charges from $11/month,

3. Lowest joining fee – a one off charge of $330 (incl. GST),

4. Smarter proactive online marketing systems to assist your business,

5. Flexible trading percentages to suit your stage of business and your sales goals; and,

6. We’re establishing a culture of respect for the value of our trade dollar and will outlaw overcharging and over-inflation in our trading network.

Our low fees and low entry barrier means that value for money and dollar parity will be the new norm in our trading platform.

B2B Barter brings you opportunities to further grow your business in 6 ways:

1. Meet new customers bringing additional income that you wouldn’t normally have,

2. Allows you to make purchases without using cash and improves your cash flow,

3. Sell excess stock or offer previously idle services,

4. Generate more business earning both cash and trade,

5. Advertises your business to a national and worldwide member network; and,

6. Interest-free lines of credit towards working capital for immediate spending.

For a firsthand demonstration of how B2B Barter can directly benefit your business, check out our Feasibility Calculator here:

The vast majority of businesses operate with spare capacity or underutilised time and resources. By accepting new clients through B2B Barter and trade dollars as payment, you will increase your utilisation, move stock and have additional income that can be used (just like cash) to pay for business expenses, staff incentives, additional product lines or positively improve your lifestyle. Incorporating trade dollars within transactions also opens your business to an entirely new customer market and can expand your current distribution and supply channels.

It’s not about accepting trade dollars over cash, it’s about attracting additional business on top of your normal cash sales. Plus you then offset some of your expenses using your trade dollars, leaving more cash in your business.

Members with trade dollar credits held in other exchanges may request B2B Barter honour their credits in B2B Barter trade dollars.

Once conversions are approved and honoured by B2B Barter into members B2B Barter accounts, other exchange trade dollars then become forfeit and property of B2B Barter Pty Ltd.

Yes! Trade dollar donations from individuals and organisations to DGR registered charities are fully tax deductible.

Also, monthly account fees and transaction fees are tax deductible (however, joining fees are not).

Refer to the Australian Taxation Office’s Tax Ruling No. IT 2668 for further information.