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Why You Should Join B2B Barter Now

Here are 7 compelling reasons

Save Fees

With B2B Barter you'll pay the lowest fees in the industry. Flexicard members pay 5.5% on purchases and 0% on sales. Gold card members pay just 5.0% on purchases and 0% on sales. Monthly admin fees have also been kept to a minimum with Flexicard members paying $16.50/month and Gold card members paying just $11/month.

Flexible Trading Percentages

With B2B Barter you decide how much trade you will accept. Flexicard members commit to 50% or more in trade for typical transactions, while serious traders with a Gold Card elect to trade at 100% to maximise their benefits and attract more sales. When you're trying to attract more sales, it makes sense to promote a higher proportion of trade in your marketing offers.

Seamless Conversions

If you are a member coming from another trade exchange we make it simple to bring your credits to us, and effectively transfer your credits with a minimum of fuss. Ask us about our seamless conversion process.

Property Listings

Property listings by members are easily created on our specialist website There you will find options for advertising your property for free, or with a small charge for a premium listing. We're proud of this website as it sets the standard for what trade property sites should be.

New Trading Opportunities

New trading opportunities are available with B2B Barter as more and more businesses become members. In the months ahead you'll learn more about our Asian and Asia/Pacific trading partners.

Member Spotlight

Members enjoy detailed profiling of their business with images, services, video, checklists. Members are featured in all pages of our website and are promoted in our emails and newsletters. Your indepth member profile forms the basis for engagement with prospective customers, which we automate to a large degree. In addition you can set specials and offers to rotate and test, to see what works and what doesn't.

Interest Free Overdraft

Overdrafts are available to approved new member applicants up to $100,000. Members with a consistent 12 months of positive trading history and/or involved with property trades, may be eligible for up to $300,000 overdraft.