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Attention Business Owners

Grow Sales and Reduce Costs with B2B Barter Membership

Use B2B Barter for your deposit on property purchases. This allows you to buy more property and grow your wealth.

Members may be eligible for up to $100,000 in a B2B Barter interest free overdraft facility, TAA, subject to change.

B2B Barter will open your business to a new group of prospects, intent on spending their trade dollars. Discover new opportunities and packages with our help.
Members of rival exchanges are welcome to join us, bring their balances and enjoy seamless, hassle free onboarding.
We’ll show you ways to attract your ideal customer types, through our trading platform.

Trade the way you want to. Members elect to trade with 50% B2B Barter or a higher proportion up to 100% trade.

If you’ve been a member of other exchanges and hardly ever seen what members do and offer, think again. Our profiles are comprehensive and perform well in SEO searches.

B2B Barter has some of the lowest fees we know of in the Australian barter industry. From just 5%, one way only and with just $11/month admin fees.

The Evolution of The Trade Exchange... B2B Barter offers a modern streamlined approach to bartering, suitable for a post-pandemic marketplace.

B2B Barter is a fresh trading platform, with the strengths of traditional barter systems and none of the weaknesses. Instead of being locked into 100% trading, members can elect to trade at 50% or more flexibly, depending on their situation. Our members enjoy the lowest fees in the industry, (from 5% on purchases only- one way) and low costs to come on board (from $330 a signup) and low monthly admin fees (from just $11/mth)

New members love that fact that we’ll streamline their onboarding process from other exchanges, and credit their balances. The low fees and seamless conversions are just the start of our fresh thinking. Members enjoy powerful online profiles, automated marketing and social media, and our opportunity engine puts them in front of the ideal prospects they want to deal with. Gone are the inflated prices and overcharging common with some of the industry players. We insist on dollar for dollar thinking, and the lower fees and flexible trading facilitate this for members. In addition, members may list their property for sale. We’ll advertise that property listing, and you’ll enjoy a low cost of sale, with standard trade fees applicable.

What Members Say

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In the past 3 years, I’ve converted B2B Barter into all manner of useful things including office paper, herbicide, paint, pies, chocolate, bakery vouchers, two televisions…too many things to even remember! The team at B2B Barter make it easy to trade and have a convenient location in the centre of the Sunshine Coast that I frequently visit.

Wayde Cox

Resolve Pest Control

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