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sell your business using trade dollars

Are You Serious About Selling Your Business?

Then selling on barter may be the best option for you. Here’s why:

Business Selling Facts:

Fact 1. Over 80% of small to medium businesses advertised for sale, never sell.

Fact 2. Over 80% of serious business buyers will not enquire about a business they see as overpriced.

Fact 3. Most people overestimate their business value, unaware that often a multiple of one times the net annual profit is all the business is worth.

Expect a flood of businesses for sale

2022 promises to be a shocker for the sale of any business. After two years of a global pandemic, business values will be under pressure, and many more businesses will be on the market.

How to exit your business profitably- using trade dollars

Given the sad fact that 80% of advertised businesses fail to sell, and that numbers of businesses are only going to be on the increase, a strategy to make your business more appealing may be the way to go.  Listing your business at a reasonable price- close to one year’s profit makes sense, and won’t scare off buyers. Deciding to accept 50% of the price in trade dollars would be a strategy that sets you apart from all the other businesses of your type. Buyers would be able to instantly fund that portion of the purchase with an interest free overdraft from B2B Barter. Another strategic difference is the 15 or 20% brokerage fee often charged by a business broker would not apply.