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Cash Conversion Strategies

B2B Barter has a strict dollar for dollar mandate, with no inflated prices from the cash economy. In that way members can be sure of good value trading, and due to low fees we charge, bartering with B2B Barter can be a valuable part of your business revenue.

Best Cash Conversion Strategy- Property

Real Property has a consistency of value unmatched with cars, jewellry or other products you may consider for cash conversion. Buying a property with part trade is the very best way to cash convert.

Buy at Market Value

Buying at fair prices will ensure that any product to cash conversion strategy is well founded. So when we are asked about cash conversion, we recommend buying products in high demand, at realistic prices, and presenting the products for resale in original packaging, unused and with warranty if applicable.

Switch to B2B Barter

With some other exchanges you might pay twice the cash cost for products. This completely ruins your prospect of cash converting. Cash conversion is so much easier when your buy price is on a level playing ground with the cash economy

‘Cash is king, but B2B Barter’s the next best thing.’